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Sample Election Day Statement


Insert Your Company Name Here stands for America’s democratic values, most importantly the right of every citizen to vote in a free and fair election. These democratic values are the foundation of our country and are vital to equality, freedom and prosperity for all. 


Election Day is coming on Tuesday, November 8 and we encourage everyone to vote; our employees, our customers, our suppliers and all Americans.


We are actively supporting democracy by:

  1. Helping register employees and customers to vote

  2. Giving employees paid time off to vote

  3. Sharing non-partisan voting information and resources on our social media

  4. Donating money and resources to candidates and causes aligned with our company’s social and economic values.

  5. Using our company resources to provide rides to the polls in the communities we serve. (or whatever other efforts your company is making)


Insert Your Company Name Here knows that a healthy democracy is essential for a healthy economy, where everyone can prosper.  Voting is our right and our responsibility.  We hope everyone will take this opportunity to make their voices heard and vote on November 8.


Please check our out website for more ways to support democracy in America.

Happy Voting!

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