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•  360 Stakeholder Audit

• Values Assessment

• Issue Matching and Alignment

• Advocacy Plan

Identity Development

•  Campaign Development

• Implementation 

• Internal Messaging and
Employee Training

• Strategic Communications Support

Implementation and Communication 

• Project Evaluation
• Impact Measurement
• Rapid Response Support

Impact and Response

Along the way, the Stance team is always available for whatever assistance might be needed, including expert briefings, media coaching and outreach, etc.


Specific services include:


  • Issue/Policy Education & Guidance

  • Policy Statements/Papers

  • Talking Points and Speeches

  • Research & Polling

  • Access to Lawmakers

  • Lobbying

  • Donation, Fundraising and PAC Guidance

  • Partnerships with Political and Policy Advocacy Groups

  • Position Statement and Op-Ed’s

  • Political & Strategic Briefings


Stance works closely with our clients and their in-house leadership and communication team to build advocacy campaigns that re-enforces company mission and values and strengthens the relationship with all stakeholders, building loyalty and cohesion, internally and externally.

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