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At Stance we believe that it is time for companies to take a stand and engage with the social and political issues facing our societies today in a way that is meaningful, intelligent and authentic.

Stance serves private and corporate clients, as well as high-profile individuals who wish to use their platform to promote their values and advocate for issues, causes, candidates and public policy.


It’s not just about being “woke” - it’s about knowing your values and leveraging your platform to have a voice in the debate and being a force for positive change and progress in the world.

What We Do

What We Do

Stance advises and enables CEOs, corporations and high-profile individuals to promote their core values, advocate effectively, and successfully navigate and respond to the social and political issues of the day.


We empower our clients to use their platform to act strategically, and communicate their positions in meaningful ways with their employees, customers, stakeholders and the public at large.


Stance ensures that our clients engage and advocate with intelligence, authenticity and impact.


We believe taking a Stance has 7 key benefits:


1. Improves Employee Recruitment and Retention

Today people have a choice among employers and increasingly, especially

Gen Z and Millenials, want to work for organizations with articulated social and political values and positions. When employees feel a connection to the values of their company they are also more likely to stay with the company and take pride in their personal contribution and find greater meaning in their work.  


2. Increases Employee Engagement and Morale
Give your employees another important reason to come to work every day.  Supporting important issues improves morale and turns employees into cheerleaders, making them proud to be part of a company that is about

more than just profits.


3. Increases Customer and Brand Loyalty

Customers want to support companies and associate themselves with brands that share their values. They use every purchase to demand transparency, accountability and engagement on the issues that matter to them. Passivity and silence is no longer an option for companies who want to build a loyal base with the consumers of today.


4. Strengthens Company Resilience and Responsiveness
The most successful companies are responsive, nimble, and able to pivot around market changes, trends, and world events. Never be caught out for being out of touch with key stakeholders.   


5. Develops Industry and Sector Leadership
Differentiate yourself from the competition by taking leadership on issues
that matter. Raise the profile of your organization and use the opportunity to promote your values and mission, rising above the crowded marketplace.  Authentic and intelligent advocacy gives companies a legitimate and respected voice on issues.


6. Builds Community 
One of the greatest benefits of taking a stance is the opportunity to connect with others who share your values. Getting involved in issues that matter to you opens doors to groups and organizations working on those issues, enabling and increasing synergy, cooperation and impact. Whether in your local community or on the other side of the world, joining with others makes it more fun and can transform a cause into movement.


7. Has a Positive Impact in the World
The static Corporate Social Responsibility programs of the past are insufficient to respond to the challenges of today's world. The business sector has a unique capacity to influence public opinion, drive public policy and change behaviour.  The economic might of the business sector gives it the power to be the greatest force for positive change, often more efficiently and effectively than
non-profits groups or even governments and institutions.



Stance is dedicated to authentic, intelligent and impactful advocacy.  

We take a holistic approach, beginning with a 360-degree stakeholder perspective over the short, medium, and long-term. We help our clients with both pro-active campaigns and advocacy and reactive messaging and positioning on issues of the day.

Our Process Includes:


Stakeholder & Value Chain Audit


Development of a Values Framework & Advocacy Match

Creation of a Tailored Pro-Active Advocacy Plan


Ongoing Evaluation of Impact

Implementation & Execution of Advocacy Plan

Internal Issue Education

Why it Matters

Why it Matters

There is a lot going on these days: the Climate Crisis, Abortion Rights, the war in Ukraine, Black Lives Matter, Gilet Jaunes, voting rights, COVID - the list goes on and on and grows day by day.  Increasingly CEOs and companies are being pushed to state their position on these issues and advocate for change where needed.


Most CEOs need focus on the running and building of their businesses. They are not necessarily well-versed in all the issues of the day and the nuisances of the complex and highly charged debate. The costs of missteps can be great, and equally lack of action can de-motivate employees, cost customers, and lose industry leadership and positioning.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Siri Khalsa_BW.png

Stance, founded and led by Siri Khalsa, is supported by political campaign specialists, policy and media experts and academics.


Siri has decades of experience in political advocacy and social impact. She earned her undergraduate degree in business administration while working as Director of Marketing for the Yogi Tea company.  Then joining the public sector, she served as an aide to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for several years.  After earning a masters degree in international relations at Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and an MPA from Harvard's Kennedy School, Siri lived and worked in Afghanistan from 2009 to 2012. First serving with the U.S. Department of State focused on economic development projects, and later joined the UK-based charity Turquoise Mountain, working on creating sustainable livelihoods for traditional artisans. 


More recently, Siri worked with Monaco's Peace and Sport, and led a social enterprise supporting female artisans in Saudi Arabia.  She is also a board member of several organizations, including the Monaco Hydrogen Alliance.

Perween Richards
Director of Research

Perween Richards, Stance's Director of Research, is a publishing professional with advocacy and public affairs experience across a variety of organisations with a focus on women’s and human rights in the Middle East. Born in Egypt, she earned her undergraduate degree in Journalism and later moved to the UK to pursue a career in publishing. She is a literary translator in Arabic and was awarded an English PEN Translation grant in 2017. 

Stance Brain Trust

The Stance Brain Trust is a group of distinguished professionals with specialized experience in global affairs, communications, social impact, politics and policy. They serve as strategic advisors, lending their particular expertise to Stance's vision and mission, and assist with special projects as needed.  

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